Zdeněk Tyc



Zdeněk Tyc
Born 1956.

In 1983 – 1990 student of directing department of Film and Television Faculty Prague (FAMU). He won several awards for his school films. His first feature lenght film „Vojtěch called orphan“ (Vojtěch řečený sirotek) won main  Jury award at First film festival Angers, France and main award at Festival of Czech and Slovak films Bratislava and was also selected to represent Czechoslovakia in Oscar competition.

In 1993 directed film „Blades“ (Žiletky) with underground musician Filip Topol. Film won prestigous recognition of „Fondation GAN“ Pour le Cinema and was screened at Berlin Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival. It was also selcted by Wim Wenders for film workshop at Goteberg, Germany, organised by European Film Academy.

In 1995 followed film „Seizing Day“, a crazy comedy.
2002 film „Brats“. For the last one, he received many prizes.

1989 Vojtěch, řečený sirotek/Vojtěch called orphan
1993 Žiletky/Blades
1995 UŽ/Seizing Day
2002 Smradi/Brats
2008 El paso
2013 Liken never before / Jako nikdy


Jako nikdy